T​-​Girl Single

by Bridges of Königsberg

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"T-Girl" is a track from our upcoming album titled "Close To Everything And Nothing"

Out April 2014

Music video for T-Girl: youtu.be/fLxqU7ThVoI


released February 24, 2014

Album Art by Asa Von Hagen
Cover Design by Tyler Etters

Original song and lyrics by Bridges of Königsberg
T-Girl (remnant) by t y l e r e t t e r s & the northern information movement (tyleretters.com)




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Track Name: T-Girl (original)
we are fishes in the sea
never restrained never free
live forever here with me
I won't ever let you be
left alone here without me

bridges crumble to the sea
and we never knew how fast this would end
until time caught up with us again
it didn't give us a warning
and now we're sitting here and mourning
those days that felt like they would never end

we are dying in this sea
never restrained never free
we'll live forever you and me
i promise you, i promise you
don't believe them, don't believe
we will lie here dormant in eternal embrace
until the universe explodes